Friday, September 14, 2012

Initial pricing of terrain for 28mm battles

Well it is official,

I have 2 bolt action beginner armies on the way.  This of course will lead to my initial blog WITH PHOTOS for the unboxing!  In preparation of receiving the armies, and with nothing to work on yet I began looking towards what would be needed and could be used for terrain last night.

Hallelujah!  28mm miniatures have an entire, well established miniture railroad scale that matches up with them! 
One of my greatest complaints about Flames of War has been the ongoing issue of finding plentiful sources of buildings for the tabletop.  (The relative scale in train modeling for FoW is TT, a rare and EXPENSIVE scale.) 

Fortunately "S" scale train modeling has been around for over 100 years and the scale is considered to be at its peak currently for products offered. In my first attempts searching last night I found over 30 sites ranging from paper buildings to full on laser cut wood models that would take weeks to assemble.  (Yes I found plenty of resin models too!)

This weekend will have me completely reworking the links on my site to enable quick and easy access to all scale models based on the game system!

I will have categories for Flames of War (of course), Bolt Action, D.U.S.T., and War Machine.  As an added benefit I will toss in an "ancient", and "American" category to cover pretty much the rest of the game systems out there!

I will admit, even in the paper models I am having a lot of trouble finding products that meet the "penny pinching" requirements of my website.  Almost all of the resin and plaster cast models I have seen are made by true artisans, and qualify for "collector" quality.  The prices prove this fact.

The Average cost of a paper model is 3-7 dollars (just for the pattern, you have to print it too...)
The average cost for reasonably sized resin models unpainted is 15-20 dollars.
The average cost for finished stone cast plaster or resin ranges from 60-150$ per building!  Granted some of these creations are breathtaking, as are their prices.

That is all for now!