Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introduction of goals of sorts


This is my initial attempt at establishing a resource for game club managers out there. I am an avid player of Flames of War, and I am on the verge of breaking into the Bolt Action, Dusk, and Warmachine Realms.

I hope to help you all (even though no one will be listening initially) discover new
and easy ways to grow your gaming community.

Like I said I am an avid FoW player, but I am beginning to see the issue that lies with selecting this as a primary game system.

There is no other game system/major modelling line/ heck anything that is in 1:100 or 15mm scale!

This immediately creates heartache with a game club leader. You can only share terrain features with your fellow gamers at your LGS(local game shop)! None of those beautiful buildings, bridges, etc. are available for your game. They are all just too dang big! Well that is enough for now, no need to listen to my own voice.

Until next time