Monday, January 28, 2013

WWII 15&28mm Gaming Terrain

Hi all,

I have been working feverishly as of late to get my Bolt Action Armies to a table top standard that I have been slipping on my writing responsibilities.

Today I am going to share with you what I know about table top terrain that is available from all of our favorite cottage industry suppliers. 

In no particular order I will present all of the companies I have found that supply quality tabletop terrain for your gaming pleasure.

Many of these companies offer you the option of buying their models unpainted. Alternatively for you collectors out there, the quality of some of the finished pieces is breathtaking!

First off we have.....

Crescent Root (USA)

This manufacturer does amazing work 15, 20, and 28mm.  if you elect to buy the buildings unpainted you can save a little cash, but in reality the quality of this companies work deserves paying for the fully painted product.  Not only do they provide you with the buildings you need for your tabletop, they also provide you with area bases to make the buildings blend into the tabletop nicely!  From the time of order you can expect your product to be shipped after 2 weeks.  What is nice is that this manufacturer always posts his turn around time on his website!

A member of our local gaming club is the proud owner of about 4 of these buildings.  They make other companies work look out of place on the same tabletop.

He has an amazing line in 28mm for North Africa, and most likely a European line coming in 2013.

He has breathtaking lines available in 15mm for North Africa, Europe, and Italy.  Also the terrain bases for these buildings are available!

Prices range from 14 US dollars unpainted to 75 US dollars painted for their various models.  Not for the penny pincher, but definitely a durable product.

Next we have....

Kerr and King (Great Britain)

This company has an excellent range of bases and buildings for 15mm.  They are all resin and come unpainted.  They offer buildings, and "Cities in a Box" for North Africa, France, Italy, Netherlands, the Orient, and Russia.  They have the most extensive range and largest number of options available for all theatres of action for 15mm.  I personally own the North Africa City in a box, and some of the bombed out buildings.  They painted up very well.  I was extremely happy with the purchase price of 65 pounds for the entire city.  Definitely worth checking out!

Game Craft Miniatures (USA)

This company works in laser cut MDF and foam board.  I must say that if you need to fill a city board quickly and on a budget this is the company for you!  Additionally they offer some of the nicest Bridge and road setups for a reasonable price that I have ever seen!  I am not sure how well these would paint up compared to their resin competitors in the marketplace.  The model I selected above to represent them is their premier product from what I can tell.  The other, more economical options, have much less detail.

Their prices range from 3.50 USD to 50+ USD for complex models.

Miniature Building Authority (USA)

This company is not for the budget gamer!  They are very proud of their work, as they should be.  The sculpting and the painting on each of these buildings is spectacular, but at 50.00 per building they are a little pricey.  Mainly for 28-30mm Games.

Miniature World Maker (Australia)

This maker specializes in 6mm and 15mm Terrain.  One thing that I would like to point out about terrain is that it actually has no scale!  A mountain in 6mm is a molehill in 28mm, but everything on the board helps change your game from a football field to a dense, rolling, interesting battle environment!  They offer product in latex and resin, and have an extensive line to choose from!

JR Miniatures (USA)

JR Miniatures is one of the most recognized terrain makers in North America, but recently the owner Robert Rumfeld sold his company to Hobby game Design.  The product line is currently not in production, but the website promises to be back into production early in 2013.  Just go to their website for the most current information.

This company focused on Arnhem and Italy for the majority of their impressive works.  Also  all of their product came unpainted.  I do not know what the future will bring.

Eslo Terrain (German)

This is a German pair of companies on this website.  They make terrain and buildings for wargaming and model trains alike.  I must admit that I believe their work to be breathtaking, and as my life and career allow me to become a greater collector, I will eagerly pick up pieces of their artwork!  I must admit I am not sure how much they charge for their products, because their site is completely in German.  Worth struggling through with Google Translate though I swear.  In the Video below you can see a combination of their work and some obvious larger manufacturers.  You will be jealous to say the least!

Total Battle Miniatures (Great Britain)

This group based out of Great Britain are right up there with Miniature Building Authority and Eslo Terrain.
Their work is breathtaking, as you can see from the picture above.  I must say when you can do something that well I am glad that you share it with the world.  I do not know much about the company but I believe the pictures speak for themselves!

Paper Terrain (USA)

What can I say.  If you are looking for economical, look no further.  This is a great way to absolutely fill a board for beginning enthusiasts, and maybe you could consider replacing these one at a time as they wear out?  Many options for you to buy in the scales that you desire.  Check therm out!

Grand Manner (Great Britain)

This company is owned by a skilled craftsman that has his work routinely displayed in globally recognized gaming magazines.The base models appear to start at 80 dollars for unpainted models and range up to 350 + dollars for fully painted models.  If you want the top of the line in the modern gaming market, this is one of your choices. 

Najewitz Modellbau (Germany)

15-50 euros

Paul's Modelling Workshop (Great Britain)

At 80 dollars to 120 dollars it is clear that this resin cast product line will have greater detail than your average bear!  Coming fully painted at this price is also a fair bargain.  His product is worth investigating!

Sarissa Precision (Great Britain)

This company based in Great Britain specializes in laser cut and etched MDF.  Starting at 20 Dollars at the bottom end and ranging to 40 dollars for their larger pieces they seem to be very reasonable.

Amera Plastic Mouldings(Great Britain)

This company stands out by itself.  They do not work in resin or MDF.  This is all injection molded plastic.  I do not know about durability, or clarity of castings, but their prices for the "ruins" seem very cost effective.  Coming in at 3 dollars for their most basic pieces to 50 dollars for their highest end product I think they are worth looking into!  

Of course you have the Name brand Products also available.

Warlord Games

They have about 40 terrain products to choose from.

Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box
This company has loads of product to choose from, but they are mad in limited runs.  When they run out of a product you had better start looking for online retailers, and ebay to find it.  There are very rarely second chances for their products.

I hope this helps you all in making your battlescapes more enjoyable!