Sunday, February 10, 2013

Italians vs. Russians in North Africa??????

Hi all,

I have a surprising battle report for you all!

Friday I pulled out my Mid-War Carri Company against my good friends Strelkovy Hoard.

He had just wrapped up a late war league Gauntlet Games in Lincoln Nebraska and had a very successful run with his Russians.  Everyone there had their late war "Ultra" German lists.  Big Armor with bigger guns, and here he shows up with a swarm of infantry.

5 Tigers Just do not have enough dice to deal with 100+ stands of infantry, that is all there is to it.

Well I invited him to run a similar company against my Mid War Carri Company!  (Not much armor but LOTS of DICE!)

Here were the Lists

Carri CC (Rolled out Con Vet)
Carri Platoon +AAmg x3 (Rolled out Con Vet)
Carri Platoon +AAmg x3 (Rolled out Con Vet)
Carri Platoon +AAmg x3 (Rolled out Con Vet)
Bersaglieri Company (6 tabs infantry 3 HMG, 3 47/32, 2 Solothurn A/T, 1 AA gun) Con Vet
Bersaglieri Company (6 tabs infantry 3 HMG, 3 47/32, 2 Solothurn A/T, 1 AA gun) Fearless Vet
3 AB41 Con Trained


Strelk CC + 1 A/T Rifle Section
2 Section Strelk with HMG
2 Section Strelk with HMG
2 Section Strelk with HMG with Rifle/MG Upgrade.
4 gun Battery of 122 Artillery
7X T-34 42 + Cupolas

Close up of the dug in Russians

Overview of the City

AB41s in their natural state (Destroyed!)

Fearless Veteran Italians Dug in (The Lancia is one of my objectives)

The battle was a little drawn out.

My AB41s were destroyed immediately by his t-34s.  During the game I was convinced that his front armor was 7 so I had no hope of taking them on unless he assaulted my bersaglieri.  This probably won the game for me.  (It was actually 6!)

He held one Strelk Hoard in Reserve and his artillery in reserve.  I held my 3 Carri Platoons in reserve.

On Turn 1 I moved my AB41s into position to start whittling down his Strelk Hoard on his Right Flank.
I fired with literally no effect.  All of my infantry Dug in.

On turn 1 the Russians Marched Forward on their Left Flank, While the T-34's Owned the Right Flank.  He destroyed one and bailed two of my AB41s.  They passed their morale check to hang in for another round.  His infantry failed to dig in on the Right Flank.

On turn 2 The Russians had accidentally Marched into range of all 6 of the Italian HMGS.  36 Dice Flying at conscripts is what you need to start whittling down those 23 tab platoons!

The Russians fell back under a hail of HMG fire, and the t-34s started to maneuver through the city to start whittling down the Italian Infantry.  The Right Russian infantry dug in.

On turn 3 no reserves arrived for either opponent.

The Italians marched the 47/32s and HMGs from the Fearless vet platoon to put more fire down on the Strelks that were still out in the open.  9 dice, minimal effect.

The Russian t34s continued to maneuver towards the italian objectives.

Turn 4 2 Carri Platoons arrived from reserve one on the Right Corner one on the left corner.
On the left the CC joined the Carri platoon and they charged forward to start whittling down the Russians on the Italian Left.  On the Italian right the Carri platoon pushed into the near half strength Strelk platoon.

The russians got both reserves they had left, and all cam in on the Russian Right...Not great for the Italians.

Finally the Last Carri platoon cam in turn 5.  The game wrapped up with the Italians destroying the Russian Artillery and two Strelkovy Platoons.  The Russians were in a company check and failed it in turn 8.

Italians win. 4-3