Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So you want to play Soviets and want to save money? Read on!


With the explosion of interest in Bolt Action among the WW2 gaming community many new players are entering the hobby every day. By far, I think the Soviets are one of the most daunting of armies to buy as you need lots of troops if you want to be close to being historical in accuracy!

That said, I  have sat down and reviewed three companies that have excellent deals for the Soviets just in case you want to go the communist route for your WW2 gaming!

Warlord Games: Soviet Plastic Boxed Set

Inside is enough components to make 40  Soviet infantry with a variety of weapons including the Moisin Nagant Rifle (with scope and bayonet options), PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle, SMGs (such as the PPS-43, PPSH-41 and PPD-40), Moisin Nagant Carbine, DT-28 LMG, Tokareve Semi-automatic rifle (with bayonet options), Molotov’s, pistols and a captured Panzerfaust.

Base cost: $45 (or cheaper at other retailers at discount) (Shipping Free for orders over $75 with Warlord), Warlord also has deals for bulk counts of boxes that lowers the per figure cost by a few cents depending on what you go with.

This works out to about $1.13 a figure.

The Good: Detail is excellent, free shipping over $75.

The Bad: some special weapons limited (like the Panzerfaust and ATR), highest per figure cost of the three.

Plastic Soldier 28mm Russia Army Deal

28mm Russia Army Deal - Click Image to Close

With this deal you get 57 Infantry including 4 Maxims, 2 50mm Mortars, 2 82mm Mortars, 4 Anti-Tank Rifles, 1 45mm Anti Tank Gun and 1 76mm Anti Tank Gun. The set also includes pistols, LMGS, rifles and medics.

Base Cost: On their website about $53.54 (you could get it perhaps cheaper at other retailers) and you will have to pay overseas shipping.

This works out to .93 or .94 cents a figure.

The Good: Detail is fair, tons of weapons in the package deal including an anti-tank gun, anti-infantry gun among other things.

The Bad: Solid plastic, limited pose options and detail is good but not quality of Warlord.

Black Tree Design: Defense of Stalingrad

Russian Platoon (30)
An example from their line of figures. Not the actual set.

The defense of Stalingrad has 136 figures including 56 Rifles, 56 SMGs, 8 LMGs,.4 Maxims, 8 AT Rifles and 4 officers.

Base Cost: $179.99 (base price), but if you watch for one of their 50% off sales this makes the set only $90, sign up for their newsletter and get a bonus 10% off coupon for 60% off in total making it only $72. Shipping varies to where you are but is reasonable.

This works out to .66 or .52 cents a figure.

The Good: Fast shipping (at least in the US with me), largest number of figures and cheapest per figure costs. All metal (some people like metal over plastic)

The Bad: Limited options in the set, granted for 50-60% off you could afford to slip in a few things like Mortars and such. Metal (some people hate metal vs. plastic).

Now comrades armed with this knowledge, you can perhaps start up that Soviet Army you always dreamed about!