Saturday, March 16, 2013

Khador Swarmed by the Cryxx

Battle Report For a Cryxx invasion of the Khadoran homeland.

Here is the long and short of it,  the Cryxx popped up out of nowhere, and made contact with an ill prepared Khador force.

In the phases of contact, the Khador used tried and tested battle tactics.  Simply in and try to destroy the enemy!

Simple result....bad idea, I mean bad, no horrible, not to mention stupid and idiotic.

The Cryxx popped out of their holes, and having clearly crawled through coal tunnels, (They were completely black except for the faint glow coming from their cores.) and immediately headed for the defensive high ground.

The rest of their force swept out to the right in a cloud of concealing smoke.

The Khador march forward having no idea what they were facing, having never made contact with this creepy, filthy race before.

In the final phases of combat, and in a whirl of mist and acid spray attacks, the Khador are overwhelmed!

In an amazing move, one of the Cryxx force charged forward and threw oil in our beloved Kommander's and revered Demolition Corp's eyes!  They were all blinded with no hope of retaliating the next turn.  In a flurry of spell casting the witch coven of the Cryxx hit our beloved Kommander with spell after spell, weakening her just enough to finally succumb to a flurry of melee attacks from one of their filthy loathsome Helljacks.

Do not worry, there were survivors to pass on the news of this defeat.  If only our beloved Kommander had paid heed to the Ides of March......