Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bolt Action Jitters....

Today was another day of sadness.

I know you all have shared the same kind of day as what I endured today.
You know its coming in the mail. You sent off for it a while ago, and you know its coming.  The time it took you to gather all of the things needed to order what you wanted, the days you spent tearing through the lists of options before finally settling down on a decision.  Yes that is it! I have decided!

You then send off for it in whatever fashion you are used to.  You know the company has received your order, but you have no idea how long the wait will be.  Your day seems to hinge on if you see a package sitting on your front porch as you pull in from where you have been all day.

Disappointment will not over take you, you believe you might not have had a good angle as you pulled up.  OK, now you can see your porch, maybe it got knocked off to the wayside........nope.

Well let's hope for tomorrow.  There is no delivery today...

In the meantime I have made several discoveries when it comes to 28mm figures for WWII.  There are two scales that people sculpt in for 28mm vehicles. Bolt Action sculpts in 1/56 while a couple other companies sculpt in 1/60.  From all of the reviews I have read both look outstanding next to Bolt Action Minis, but it is prudent to stick with one or the other when buying all of your vehicles.  To quote another "Men came in all sizes in the war, but a jeep willy's was the same size the whole time."

As I compile more information I will writ a sizable article about options for minis in the near future.