Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How I decided to paint my first Warmachine Army

Like all tabletop gamers it is hard for me to stay glued onto one game system.

I recently have been pulled into the Warmachine realm by a very fortunate trade I made with a fellow gamer.  I am a married man with kids, he is single.  I had two HUGE floor speakers left over from my "wild" days, he had an extra Khador Army sitting around after a recent split with a girlfriend.  (It was hers, now it is not!)

I have little spare money laying around (look back at the wife and two kids lol) and he has almost every Warmachine model for every army released to date.  (single)

Lets just say we are both happy now, and I can join him with his favorite game system.

This entire post will be a work in progress.  I have typed up the blog itself as an outline.  I might add more comments as I go along, but mainly I will just be adding photos.  Stick with me and keep checking back on my progress.  I expect this to take about a week to complete.

So I started with a bunch of assembled and primed black models.  I am going to show you how I have decided to paint them up.

Pictures Below!

So you can see here a section of Man-O-War Shocktroopers and a section of Man-O-War Demolition Corps.  This is what the models looked like that I started with. (Yes 3 are purple, I did say they were rescued from someone else's ex-gf.)

Next you can see the first step of my painting process.  These are Bombadiers, but still Man-O-Wars so you get the point.  I just slather my base coat of red sloppily all over them RED FOR KHADOR! (This is the red color out of the Flames of War Quartermaster set.  I FINALLY found a use for it!)

Now you can see how I slapped the silver details on these guys, not neat who cares, we are just base coating the major areas.  This also goes for the black tubing, the gold highlights and whatever else needs attention. I will take care of the black tubing and gold highlights as I finish each platoon now.

 I slap on yellow beneath my gold color to make it even more "goldish".

The complete army!

Now comes the clean-up.  See how I use the fine tip paintbrush to literally erase all of the sloppy paint job?

This is my dipping process.  I am old school.  I buy Minwax Polyshades.  I use the Royal Walnut (Some say antique walnut is better, but whatever.)  I submerge the whole damn mini and then sling it back and forth for about 10 good swings, then place it on my drying rack.


This is what the final product is from dipping.  You can decide if you like it.  My wife says it makes the minis look worse, but I love having a semi plastic shell protecting my minis from tabletop wear and tear.  Heck these are toys and i plan to PLAY WITH THEM!


I do not like my Flames of war Minis to be shiny at all, but I have not decided if I am going to dulcote my Warmachine minis yet.  They look kinda cool with that shiny finish.....

If you have any questions ask away!

Here are a couple of pictures of other pieces in the army.  The Behemoth and Manhunter were painted by my friend for the army, the rest is my work.
Behemoth Right

Behemoth Left
Behemoth Front and Center

Manhunter back

Kommander Sorscha (Battery to let everyone see how big these things are)

Full Army



I just need to dip all the final pieces to protect them.

Next article will be about how I finish basing them!