Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Polish 1rst AD Flames of War

Just to let you all know why I have been absent for a couple of days...I have been painting.

With my initial push into Flames of War I found myself looking through all of the lists and picking out ones that really have unique "flavor" that interests me.

I started with the Afrika British Motor Company with the Kingforce Churchills.  That was my mid war, but I had a buddy who HAD to play late war.  I started digging around in the late war offerings and finally found something for me.

The Polish 1rst AD.

Well I have had all of the models for a while, started painting them a year ago, and finally put the finishing touches on the armored platoons about a month ago.  I have all of the Decals on hand, thanks to Dom's Decals, and two boxes of American decals.  (where else am I gonna get all those damn stars I need for the tanks and sextons?

Well I dipped them today, while I was dipping Kommander Sorscha and my first platoon of Man-O-Wars.

Here the CC, 2iC, CC section tank and firefly, 3 Armored Platoons and an 8 gun battery of sextons sit drying slowly.  They will get their stars in a week or so Finally!

Pictures Below!

The overview of all 8 Sextons and 18 Shermans!

Sextons up close

CC Tank

CC Turret (Bad Pic Sorry)

Row of Sherman Hulls

CC, 2iC, Command Section support tank, and Command Section Firefly hulls.