Sunday, October 14, 2012

Khador 50 Pointer is complete!

Hi all,

I am now going to display the completed paint job on the Khador Army I painted.

Mainly pictures so enjoy!

Kommander Sorscha

Man Hunter

First Man of War Platoon
Too see more click here!

Man of War Grunt

Man of War Sergeant

Second Man of War Squad

Second Man of War Sergeant (Notice the Green Grass)

Second Platoon Grunt


Man of War Bombadiers

Man of War Sergeant

Man of War Grunt

Man of War Demolishers

Man of War Demolisher Grunt

Man of War Demolisher Sergeant
All I can say is if you can help me make the Demolisher's hammers glow look better please comment.  I had a lot of trouble attempting to get a "glowy" ice effect.