Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy Army Website Review


#1This is the first of my review series. As i am still developing my voice bear with me.

OVERVIEW: Today i am going to take a look at
This website is amazing at helping the new and old gamer to Flames of War generate legal lists for friendly and competitive game play. I have been actively using this website to generate
my lists for well over 6 months and have never run into an issue with incorrect point values. I did discover one issue, and notified the site administrator. He responded to my issue, corrected it, and sent me a note thanking me for identifying the mistake all in a 24 hour period. I hold the administrator and functionality of the site in very high regard.(NOTE: For tournaments I still recommend double checking your list with the official Battlefront publication to prevent an unexpected disqualification.)

ADVERTISING: The advertising associated with this website is also very appropriate. I am inclined to say that the advertising might as well be links to partner sites, due to the relevance of their content. So in short the ads are not annoying.

FUNCTIONALITY: When it comes to site mechanics, your initial familiarization period might be a little challenging but mastery of the site should come quickly. The beauty of this site is its simplicity. You select your nation, the time period, and the army type (infantry, mechanised, armored, fortified) and you are immediately narrowed down to the available options that meet your search criteria. As a bonus you can also elect to filter search results simply by the published supplement. If your game club is running a themed league or tournament you can filter directly down to a specific book.

DESIGN: Ok I am going to be brutal here. Steve Jobs was most certainly not consulted at the time of this site's creation. It is ugly, choppy, and it feels like it belongs to the www ca. 1998 not 2012. The colors are bland, the font is far from eye catching and is certainly not easy on the eyes. The color contrasts are tolerable (after having rigerously tested their compatibility with late night exhausted eyes) and do not create unbearable eye strain. If there was an area that I would suggest improvement this would be it. (EXCEPTION: If improving the visual value of the website would increase the financial cost of access in any way then LEAVE IT ALONE.)

COST: This is the game changer and the reason I selected this website for my first review. To access each supplement's lists in ENTIRETY (i.e. North Africa, Turning Tide, Earth&Steel) will cost you a maximum of 2$ US for each complete supplement (price at the time of this post). This is where the penny pinching comes in. Each publication from battlefront costs between 30-50$ US. After purchasing nearly 400$ in books I began to feel like I was spending all of my money just reading/thinking about playing the game rather than actually playing the game. Granted each publication is filled with rich history articles, excellent painting guides, unique terrain guides specific to that exact campaign, which in the end justifies the purchase of the book. On the other hand, if your buddy is in love with the idea of playing Mid War Eastern Front, and you really have no interest at all in that theatre enables you access to the lists without all of the fluff you are not interested in. (As a side note all of the free PDFs on Battlefront's website area also available for free on this website!)

As a game club organizer I have also run into the issue of individuals refusing to participate in "themed" events due to the cost of purchasing another supplement. This is your workaround.

SUMMARY: All in all is a very effective, useful PENNY PINCHING tool for the Flames of War gamer.

I hope you enjoyed this article,