Friday, September 7, 2012

PANZER GENERAL!! when there aren't any live opponents available

Hello again,

Tonight I am filling everyone in on the one pastime I have when the kids are in bed, the honey-do list is complete for the day, and I have a bad case of the "I don't want to go to sleep yets".  On nights where reading my newest table top core rule book, a detailed history of an in-depth WWII campaign, or a biogra
phy of a famous historical Khadoran General just doesn't suit me.  You might ask what do I do?

Panzer General

In the early 90's an amazing electronic games company created a product that will endure for all time.  It is the cornerstone for all modern military strategy games, the foundation that none of you know exists.  It lies in the third sub basement of the building that was destroyed by that fire a couple of years ago that not provides the support for the structure in which you now lead your life.

Panzer General

This game is difficult on easy mode.  The game has an evil AI that identifies your most vulnerable, most prized, most irreplaceable unit on the board, and systematically wipes it from all existence.

I love it.

I discovered the game in a different format than the original a few years ago and have kept it safely on all of my computers.  It is an updated game, with improved skins for all of the equipment (believe me they really are an improvement) created essentially by a group of avid fans.  These fans painstakingly went in and corrected/created new code to make this fantastic game even better than the original.  It is freeware.  I did not create it, and I take no credit for it.  I share it because I have to.  To keep this amount of awesome from the rest of the world is empirically wrong.

This version is not compatible with current technology.  You must download the freeware program D-Fend reloaded version whatever they are on.  Once you install D-Fend you then have to un-zip the Panzer General folder.  Next you drag and drop the ENTIRE folder (not the entire folders contents) onto the D-Fend box that is displayed when D-Fend is open.  WHILE INSTALLING you MUST select the .bat file NOT THE .exe file for the program to work.  If you want to fiddle around with the setup to get the sound working you can do that too, but being that this is any early 90's video game, it is better not to.  Simply...the sound sucks, bad.

Trust me if you like war gaming this game will suit you.  I recommend starting in Poland in 1939 and taking the German Army through the entire war on your campaign.  It  is  awesome.