Saturday, September 8, 2012

Army Builder by Lone Wolf

Review #2: Army Builder

In this article I am going to lightly discuss the list building software published by Lone Wolf productions.

This is another "list builder" for use with many game systems, not just flames of war(like with easyarmy).

I always shoot from the hip with these articles and let my emotions drive the article.  This one is no exception.

I will start off with the fact that this program is a waste of time, money, and brain power.  I hate
to be so bitter right off, but there are no positive things that I can say about Army Builder.

VISUALS:  The visual aesthetics are terrible, but you do have a choice between 3 skins to look at! (sarcasm)  The program itself with the font used to populate it is an eyesore.

PROGRAM SUPPORT:  While it seems that the creators continue to support this software and its overall functionality, the developers rely on individual gaming members to maintain the actual programming for their respective games.

In summary.."Hi welcome to lone wolf, we have created a really ugly program that can support simple equations and do simple addition.  Oh but we don't support any games, you have to buy the right to use our program, but we won't support all the game systems we advertised were compatible.  Yes you can use an excel spreadsheet to do exactly what our program does, with less work, and it would look nicer.  Hey but wait then it wouldn't be ours and we wouldn't make money off of it."

PENNY PINCHER:  Here is the rub for my fellow cheapskates.  You pay 40$ for access to this program. If you are lucky there is someone out there with no life maintaining all of the new options for the specific game system you play.  No guarantees.  If someone isn't out there doing this you will in turn spend a month getting accustomed to their database design program, and then 4 months trying to program each supplement.
Time and money sinkhole.


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