Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome to the Nut Roll

Well just finished the fiasco of signing on to this blog, nothing is easy anymore.  Well where do we start, I was a career proffesional soldier with 23 years in the US Army Infantry, Airborne, Air Assault as well as Ranger qualified, total of 5 combat tours in various fun spots in the world, and now enjoying a retirement on my farm in the middle of nowhere

I have been an avid wargamer from the days of paper chit games from Avalon Hill and SSi, the Commadore 64 era, and now PC.  I enjoy miniture gaming have a vast collection of Warsaw Pact/NATO 60's-mid 80's era, 1/285th micro armor.  Now a vast collection of 15mm Flames of War, and building my Russian Infantry 28mm Bolt Action Platoon.

I was a paintballer for years, a member of OMHW 'Old Men and Heavy Weights' a National Scenario Team with connections to Tippmann, now I am into Airsoft, more fun and more my style.  Just went from my old AEG electric guns to a real gas operated blow back M4, and it brings back some serious memories, the clang of the recoil spring in stock tube, the sight bounce, and the 'BANG' rather than a electric fun.

I will be posting 'fun' articles as well informative views from an 'Oldsoldier', as I keep playing and enjoying my retirement.
Any suggestions or ideas on topics let me know..................