Thursday, October 18, 2012

Russians, and more Russians

I am finishing up my Bolt Action Russians.  I bought the Plastic Soldier 28mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform as well as the Russian Heavy Weapons Set.  So my 500pt Russian force will be a standard Motostrelkovy platoon with support.  The added bonus with Russians I get a 'free' inexpierienced Infantry platoon of 11 troops on top of the 500pt bought force.

Regular Infantry
HQ section, with 2 squads of 9 with LMG, wpns section of MMG, ATR, and a light mortar 478pts have room to add AT grenades for each troop. Plus my 'free' 11man inexpierienced rifle squad with LMG.

Painted in Khaki Grey base,  graygreen webbing, khaki carry bags, and russian green metal and helmets pretty nice looking.  Using a combination of natural as well as model RR products making the bases as realilistic as possible for 'field'.  May do another urban force later.

More Russians:

Doing a 2000 point Russian Motostrelkovy 'Army' for a Winter FoW Campaign at Gauntlet in Lincoln.  In order to deal with the super forces of Tigers and super heavy German equipment now all the rage for German players, just plan on burying them with too many to kill forces.  Last saturday's doubles tourney was overpowered Germans with more King Tigers and other large heavy vehicles than ever seen in one place, special 'units' and leaders, and all the bravo sierra new 'special rules', against me and my pardners US 'Leg' Infantry and Tank Company.  So now I will just bury opponants in Russians and in 6 turns you can't kill me fast enough.