Friday, October 19, 2012

Americans Assembled!

Back at it again,

Last night I finished assembling the last section of American rifles for my Bolt Action demo army.  I am happy with the list and look forward to facing off against the Germans in close quarters fighting. 

With a wrap up to assembly I will now go through the pros and cons of Bolt Action American Figures.


These miniatures are highly detailed, well sculpted, and for the most part fit together perfectly in many different poses.

The ability to customize each figure, even while duplicating exact parts across multiple figurines, simply by changing the position of the figures components is really cool.

The ability to select each weapon for each infantryman and accurately depict your exact force is great, and will come in very handy to enable differently armed figures to wage their own unique forms of war on the battlefield.


With the ability to customize each figure comes the inherent issue of time consumption.  I am a father of two young children and work full time in a job outside of the gaming industry.  I do not have the luxury of spending all day playing games and calling it my "work" like some other fellows in the world. 

With this in mind, if you have similiar circumstances to myself I would recommend looking into the boxed sets that are single molds and not customizable, such as the British Airborne, Italian Paratroopers, German Elite boxed sets, etc.. so that all you have to do is glue to base, prime and paint. (Just remember the solid cast pieces are white metal, a concern on a different level for your children.)

I spent at least 4 hours trimming and assembling these 25 infantry.

There is one of the body poses that has either bad casting, or bad sculpting on the right foot, but with a little trimming you can shape it up quite easily.

One thing that stands out with all of these figurines is that they have been scuplted in such a way that they all seem to be hunched over.  While this would be quite natural on the battlefield, it is a shame that I will not be able to see the detail on the figurines faces while they are deployed on the board.

All in all I am extremely pleased with this set and look forward to getting some paint on them.