Saturday, November 10, 2012

The First Battle with Russian Hoard

Played the first 'winter' battle of the FoW winter campaign against 'Finnish' Infantry.  Weather was a blizzard so 'night' vision rules were in effect and a 4in visual range.  Finns were in defense, he covered the roads with his AT planning that I would come down the roads for faster movement.

I deployed 2 infantry companies as well as two T-34 companies in the open fields and just started turn 1 rolling foward.  He did not deploy his armor nor AAA hoping weather held.  He rolled his weather roll and weather cleared, and now he was in for it.  His first turn his arty did nothing as he could not range in, and my hoarde was just rolling foward.  He had a platoon of rifle teams facing this hoarde and that was it.

My turn two, my arty smashed his front line infantry, and my priority IL2's smashed his arty position, killing two guns and pinning rest. and  I continued rolling foward.  His turn 2 could not un-pin his arty, failed reserve roll and could do nothing but kill 1 base of 44 inf bases with a HMG.

My turn 3 my T-34's just stood at 16 in and pounded his infantry with HE and MG fire, pinning the platoon, my infantry was rolling foward and closing on objective, 34hits on the platoon, between tanks and infantry, killed only one but pinned em good.

His turn 3 could do nothing his platoon failed to unpin, as did his art and he again failed reserve roll.

Turn 4 just rolled over the platoon with tanks and infantry assault, took objective and only lost 5 more infantry bases and no tanks, the IL2's killed his arty, and his AT and Pioneer infantry were too far away to assist, let alone get out of thier dugin gone to ground status.

He conceeded,nothing he could do, lost 6 bases of infantry out of 44, no tanks, no arty, and just rolled over his Finns who even with thier special winter and anti russian rules could do nothing to stop me.

The other AXIS players who watched, are now scrambling to figure out how thier armor heavy forces are going to tackle this problem they have never faced.  Who would play Infantry in the face of superior German Armor?  And being in defence, with my T-34's as armored AT guns, arty, SP arty, and IL-2's won't be able to 'kill' me fast enough in 6 turns.