Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where we are today

Basing and painting the last FoW Russian 22 base Infantry Company.  Played two campaign games with the current 2 infantry company list and won both games handily against heavy German and anti-Russian list 'Finns'.  With tha addition of another company the local Axis players are in fits on how to beat this hoard coming at them or dug in waiting on thier assault.  The new 3 company list gets played Wednesday against Germans, will see what happens.

Bolt Action- Played another 'learning game' in Omaha, right now here in Lincoln there are too many reasons why no one has even played yet.  Everyone here are running some 'special' Infantry lists, Rangers, Commandos, Airborne, no one making simple Allied Infantry lists.  Where I am running either regular HEER Infantry, or a shortened Veteran HEER Infantry.  Yes I am running Panzergrenadiers, 1 command Sdkfz 250, with HQ section, 2 Sdkfz 251's with 5 man squad of regular HEER, 498 points.  Consider the halftracks the 'balance' to the 'elite' status Infantry I will face.  I can go 'more' and have a 498 point 'Veteran' HEER force,sans vehicles, but will see what I face.

Now on the Bolt Action 'Warlord' model vehicles.  Pleanty of detail, but the resin casting is 'dirty' and a lot of trimming required, and the pot metal is also pretty 'dirty'.  No decals with the model, nor optional weapon systems such as the KwK 37mm avail for the Sdkfz251 Infantry carrier, just MMG's included.

Waiting on more BA games, and still thinking.  My pin marker idea of a unit colored  wooden base, verticle metal rod, and 'beads' as the pin number, making it easier to 'follow' the unit as it moves than all those 'pin markers'.

Just keeping busy.  In my new 'hobby' room have a 4X8 gaming table to terrain, the two 4x8 in an 'L' for my N-guage model railroad layout, German era III is that expensive hobby.  This winter I have a lot to keep me busy.  Rewiring the internet and TV, as well as finding a way to run Sirius radio antenna outside are in the works, moving my 'hobbies' to the 'hobby room' per the 'momma'.

Fun winter ahead.