Friday, March 8, 2013

Vietnam Tactical Combat

Vietnam Tactical Combat- Using 15mm FoW minatures am working on a tactical combat Vietnam small unit engagement game. Using a variation of Bolt Action ruleset, and more 'realilistic' TO&E's and ranges working out pretty well when playtested with son. Basically forces are small US Army plain Infantry, vs NVA or local VC mainforce or illregulars. Hidden movement and deployment, using a gridded map of the game surface, side with hidden deployment/movement can engage at will, or the opponant must 'locate' the unit, command issues, mines and booby traps, tunnels, non combatants in area, all the 'fun' of the conflict.

Will be ready for real 'playtest' here soon. Been working on both forces, and will supply both. Infantry combat, no vehicles as of yet, helos just for deployment and medi-vac, and don't plan on the FoW styled "Great Southeast Asia Tank War"